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Oasis Community Church meets every Sunday from 10 am at 118 Grant Street, Alexandra.

ABOUT US: Our Church History:

The roots of Oasis Community church go back to the late 70’s, when a few Christians from the surrounding area began meeting as a home group. During these origin’s, there was no affiliation with a denomination, just a love for God and a desire to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit released. The early 80’s saw this growing body come under the banner of the ACTS Global Church (AGC - formerly Apostolic Church Australia), meeting in a few locations (the local RSL and the Alexandra Lesuire Centre) as well as the appointment of the church’s first pastor. In 2004 the church moved to it's current location at 118 Grant St.

Ps Steven and Olivia Turner were  commissioned to pastor the church on Sun 12 December 2012. 

ACTS Global Churches (formerly THE APOSTOLIC CHURCH (AUST).:

We are part of the ACTS Global Churches (AGC), which is one of the denominations within the Pentecostal family of churches. It is a world-wide denomination having commenced in Wales in the early 1900's and now has churches in over 40 countries. ACTS Global Churches in Australia had its beginning in Perth in 1929.

In some ways AGC is no different at all from other Christian denominations. It holds to all the early creeds of historic Christianity and is in perfect harmony with orthodox Christian doctrine. It is also in agreement with most other Pentecostal Churches. Like them, it believes worship should be vibrant, and that God's supernatural power is available for all Christians for daily living. An area of difference is in organisation. AGC has attempted to follow what they see as the biblical pattern of Church Government as recorded in the book of Acts. Accordingly, the Church is governed by a council of senior Ministers, who are responsible for the continued well-being and growth of the people and churches in the denomination.

This has meant that the Church, has been able to do things as a united body, such as send out Missionaries to such diverse places as Vanuatu, USA, Papa New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Hong-Kong and North West Australia, and at the same time encourage each local congregation to become fully involved in its own local community.    

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